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Dear Mr. New Husband,

First of all, congratulations on your wedding. You made a good choice. Solace is a great girl and I am sure that if you prove to be the right partner, she will make you very happy.

My dear Mr. New Husband, you asked me to give you some tit bits on how to make a success of your marriage. You said you wanted nothing less than a fantastic marriage. And you asked if I could give you any ideas for becoming the best husband alive.

Well, first of all, you cannot become the best husband alive. That is not possible. To pick the best husband alive, we will have to make the contestants marry the same girl at the same time and live under the same circumstances because only then can we judge which of them is the best. But as you can see, it is…

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Tall, dark and handsome, and of course a romantic guy as her future husband is a dream come true for most girls. While on the other side a curvy, beautiful (sexy), brown mostly referred to as “yellow yellow” woman as a future wife is a dream come true for the men. But is this all one should consider before getting into a relationship? I guess your answer is as good as mine, absolutely NO! Every man and woman out there should know that it is very essential to find that Godly man/woman.

I know most of us are asking; where do I find this mysterious Godly man/woman?  How would you know “HE”/”SHE” is a Godly man/woman? I also had the same questions when I first had about Godly dating from a friend, I remember asking her, does it really matter whether am dating a Godly man or not? I think…

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Top 12 Inspirational Leadership Quotes For 2017


Do you want to become an inspired leader in 2017—one who makes a big difference in your team, your organization, and society?

A good place to start is to review the qualities and practices of exceptional leaders, which have remained the same since the beginning of civilization, as summarized in a book M.A. Soupios and I co-authored, The Ten Golden Rules of Leadership.

Here are 12 quotes from the book that provide a glimpse into the qualities and practices of great leaders:

  1. Skills and experience might land you a leadership position, but they don’t make you a true leader.
  2. Leadership comes from inside—and the greatest leaders first question themselves before they tackle the world around them. To aid in this critical interrogation.
  3. The “fate” of organizations is not based on the stars. The character of an organization’s leadership determines a company’s destiny.
  4. The assumption of authority brings out the leader’s inner world.

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