Relationships are very essential to one’s maturity and psychological framework as  a human. They can be likened to parts of a flower. Some blossom, others die off.

Some relationships, no matter how much you try to keep them will die gradually. Some relationships are like petals and sepals, they beautify your life for a while but are not able to make it to the next stage of your life/growth with you.

Others can be likened to the anthers and pistils which allow you to grow and network and meet like-minded people in life. These relationships add a lot of value to your life. They are most often not so conspicuous like the petal and stamen relationships, but their value is immense.
One nice thing about these relationships is that, they still get to stay on to your fruiting stage.

Choose and nurture great relationships and keep them rooted in the tree of CHRIST. Remember, without Him, you can do nothing.



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