My Boss Must Succeed


In building an organization or team, the collective efforts of every member of the team is key to the success of the team. A leader is there to guide and motivate team members to achieve the goals of the team/organization.

But what happens when the leader loses steam and is in the process of giving up on the attainment of a goal of the team. Should team members/employees also give up because their boss/leader is giving up, even though they see light at the end of the tunnel? Yeah, everything rises and falls on leadership,  but …

In 1Samuel 9, Kish sent his son to find some lost donkeys with a servant that his son had to choose. Saul had to choose a servant to help him find his father’s lost donkeys.
Your Head of Department,  boss, leader, father chose you out of many to accomplish a task. I’m sure Saul didn’t do any proper screening of servants but chose a servant who was either available, had shown exemplary skill at something that may come in handy in the search of the donkeys, or simply because of a good relationship they had.

In the course of the search, Saul gave up on the mission and wanted to get back home to his father lest he starts worrying about him and not the lost donkeys anymore. Amazingly,  the servant at that point in time had a little more urge than the son of Kish to complete the mission, and suggested they seek the view of a man of God about the whereabouts of the donkeys.

Boss, Leader, Chief, when was the last time your gave ear to your employee, subordinate,  servant about how you can achieve a goal you’re giving up on?
Mr Employee, Subordinate, Servant, when was the last time you had an urge to suggest to your boss an alternative way to achieve a goal and you kept it to yourself?

Fast forward in vs. 7 of 1Samuel 9, Saul found an excuse again to prevent them from seeing the Prophet Samuel, but the servant wasn’t taking it. He went on an extra mile to surrender what he had on him in order to make sure they know where they can find the donkeys.
As mysterious as God works, the servant was pushing Saul closer to a greater place of Israel’s kingship without even knowing it.

Massa, you may be pushing your boss to the summit with the piece of advice/suggestion to achieve the ‘common’ organizational/team goal. Give it all out. Your boss must succeed.
Because of the persistence of a servant, Saul moved from just being the son of Kish to the King of Israel overnight.  The servant was now going to be a King’s servant, not a servant in the house of Kish anymore. I can only imagine benefits the change in Saul’s status brought him.

But wait a minute.
What would have happened if that particular servant wasn’t the one accompanied Saul? Would he have met Samuel and be anointed as King?
What if Saul rejected the counsel of the servant?
What if the servant didn’t know Samuel was in that city? How much knowledge are you adding to what you already know as an employee, subordinate,  servant, etc that you can give extraordinary counsel or suggestion that your boss may not think of?

Think about these things and be committed to your work. Do all you can as a child of God to make your boss succeed and you’ll also be entering through greater doors that will be opened because of your extra efforts.

Your Boss Must Succeed.


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