Don’t Kill A Dream


In life, noone can do without the assistance of others. Even the richest on earth need people to work for or with them to establish, sustain and grow their riches.
At every stage in life, there are people you’ll need to assist you translate your success dream into reality. There are people you’ll also need to push you to dream. Identifying the role these people play in your initial success is key to unlocking other doors of opportunities for bigger success stories.

In an era of so much competition with people trying to outpace one another, will you help others to succeed knowing it could cost you big time? You are likely to stick to your own lane and get to the finish line than help someone get to the finish line with you. But the story of a prisoner turned Prime Minister teaches a great lesson to all.

Joseph at age seventeen had a great dreams that showed he was going to be great, but it took quite a long time for it to happen. His brothers even hated him for his dreams and sold him into slavery. He was imprisoned because of a lie by his master’s wife.

God was with Joseph and he was made the ‘chief prisoner’ with other prisoners under his watch. It so happened that the two prisoners under his watch- Pharaoh’s butler and baker both had a dream but lacked the ability to make meaning out of it. They had a treasure box but lacked the key to unlock it. They had something of much value but lacked the ability to appreciate what it was and what it could bring to their lives. Joseph having the ability to interpret the two dreams, did so perfectly.
Beloved,  I’ll want to encourage you not hide your abilities, especially when it’s been sought after.

The butler was released and assigned back to his pot, but the baker was released and put to death. But before the butler left the prison, he charged him to remember him when it’s well with him. I find this very important because, though people help us one way or the other but we tend to forget the help when we succeed but this charge was key to Joseph’s ultimate release.

After two full years, there was another dream by noone else’s but Pharaoh’s. Pharaoh’s magicians were unable to find an interpretation to his dream and Joseph had to be called in upon the butler’s recommendation to interpret it. In Genesis 41:37 it reads ‘So the advice was good in the eyes of Pharaoh and in the eyes of all his servants’. This was the opening for him to become Egypt’s Prime Minister and ultimately fulfilling the dreams of his teenage years.

My question is, what if Joseph did not attempt interpreting the dream of the baker and the butler?
Yes, prior to that he had had two dreams but not interpreted someone else’s.  He could have easily said, ‘my dream has not even come to pass, why should I concern myself with the dream of two servants’?

Often times, the key to our open door is linked our assistance to open someone else’s door. Why stand aloof and watch people suffer whiles we can help bring meaning to their dreams or vision?
Extend a helping hand. Help someone discover what he/she is really lacking in life. Assist others to achieve a goal if you have the ability to.

Be a dream pusher, not a dream killer.


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