Year in Review I (Goals)


After getting a score that meant I had to repeat Accounting Information Systems (AIS) again in the next academic year and thus would not be able to graduate with my year mates; the continuous thought of being a failure finally gripped me. Gradually I was able to counter the thoughts of failure with positive thoughts because I knew that one of the critical choices everyone has to make is the choice to  turn the things that come our way into opportunity or let them draw you down. Think about it for a while. Every situation that comes your way has a label on it, but you are the one who determines what to call it.

This was my very first upset academically but I chose to call it a stepping stone to greater successes to come.

Armed with the experience of an ‘academic upset’, I set out to reconstruct my life in a way that will put me into a continuous journey of success.

In December 2015, I wrote the paper again, prayed thanking God for the ups and downs that the year came with and the revelations therein. Planning and goal setting was next.

Goal setting was an activity I preached about to my peers in school but barely practised intentionally. I decided to try it out this time;practise what I preach and do it in such a way that will push me quite out of my comfort zone.

I therefore set these goals to be achieved in the following year, 2016.

  1. Have a deepened fellowship with the Holy Spirit by having daily consistent prayer, bible study ad fasting
  2. Read a new book every month for the first half of the year and then, 2 books for the next half of the year on themes relating to personal development, leadership, relationship and spiritual growth
  3. Learn to play the guitar and play with the church band by the end of the first half of the year
  4. Do away completely with procrastination
  5. Learn to code on my own and teach young boys to do same by the start of the second quarter of 2016
  6. Help organize TEDxAfariwaa during the second half of the year
  7. Be very committed to Matrix Institute and see it become a great human capital development outfit in Ghana
  8. Learn to drive
  9. Get internship placement and get retained for National Service
  10. Be consistent with bi-monthly posts (on Facebook) and blogs on leadership, Christian living and on personal development
  11. Position myself to attract 3-5 speaking engagements
  12. Build up quality friendships and associations to influence and impact lives for God’s glory
  13. Save consistently when I get a fluid flow of income
  14. Pay up my pledges and tithes
  15. See to the growth of the family business
  16. Get a passport



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