How My 2016 Goals Went, and My 2017 Goals


First off, it feels foreign to type that year—as you surely know from every transition on school papers, documents, and other stuff we do annually. Second of all, I realize there’s a good amount of evidence and simple sentiment against writing “New Year’s Resolutions.” Usually, these arguments come in these forms:

  • “We never keep New Year’s resolutions. Just look at the gym numbers that drop every February.”
  • “You should start improving your life now, not when the calendar changes over.”
  • “Resolutions are just ploys to make people feel better about themselves for “trying.””

Well, here are my reasons for writing this post about my goals for 2017, in the face of those fairly valid statements:

  • Sure, I may not keep every single resolution I make. But this year, I did keep one. I’ll get into that in a minute!
  • Yes, life improvement should be a constant process; and new seasons…

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