Year in Review II (Assessment)


As 2016 ends in 10 days time, I want to go back to and measure the success at achieving my goals for the year.

As a spiritual being, a yearning for a deeper fellowship with the Supreme Being is very important to me. I longed for a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit. Like every goal, overcoming the hurdles of laziness and sustaining the discipline of consistency was one challenging thing to do. I started so much on fire but as the year progressed I became faint and laziness took a greater part of me leading to me apportioning less and less time to my quiet times till they became very occasional. Progress has been made but not as much as I projected to achieve during this time of the year.

Reading has been something I took delight in, right from my teenage years till date. I didn’t start by reading a book regularly. No. I did much of my teenage reading in an internet café by reading biographies of successful people on Wikipedia and by reading news on websites. I decided to read at least a book a month because I noticed most successful people read more than a books in a month.

At the time of publishing this blog, I had read:

  • Courting Greatness by Samuel Agyemang Prempeh
  • Why You are Not Rich by Praise George
  • The Art of Leadership by Dag Heward Mills
  • Ideas for Life by Bob Andoh
  • Giving by Bill Clinton
  • How to Be A Best Friend Forever by Dr. John Townsend
  • Aliko Mohammed DangoteThe Biography of The Richest Black Person in The World by Moshood Ademola Fayemiwo & Margie Marie Neal
  • The Real Man by Colt McCoy & Matt Carter
  • Spiritual Warfare by John Chacha

With these list of books, I’m sure I can give myself 75% in achieving my goal.

I started learning to play the guitar but stopped practicing because I had to give my laptop out to my kid sister to use. I taught myself to play the various major chords prior to that. I’m sure you would understand, if you’ve been through before, the woes of teaching yourself a thing like a musical instrument.

Being a student leader back in my university period, procrastination was one of the things that was not admirable about me amongst fellow leaders I served with. It crippled my progress in hitting deadlines and it also prevented me from achieving much as a student. This year, by having a daily to-do list and a conscious effort to eradicate procrastination from my life, I’ve made a lot of progress. It has helped me to become more precise and decisive at making decisions.

Though I had got a lot of material on coding languages from a friend, I really never made time to consistently push myself to achieve this goal. I downloaded a couple of videos from Youtube and even tried my hands on HTML on but that wasn’t what I much desired to do with my coding aspiration.

TEDXAfariwaa was one of my biggest achievements of the year. It was the first TED event within the Ashaiman and Tema community where I live. In the words of the Curator of TEDXAccra (Ghana’s biggest TED conference), it was the most organized TED event he has witnessed in Accra after TEDXDzorwulu.  You can check out pictures on………

Matrix Institute is a movement of individuals who have a passion to their God-given potential to make a difference in the world. Under the able leadership of our Executive President, Jeremiah Buabeng, we were able to put together Accra Youth Summit which registered close to 800 attendees.  Speakers include Petra Aba Asamoah, Emmanuel Woyome, Terry Mante, Kafui Praise, Jerry Adzorlolo, Ameyaw Debrah and a host of others. The Summit was themed ‘Creating Businesses and Multiple Stream of Income. Watch out for something bigger at Accra Youth Summit 2017.

I went through about 3 months of driving lessons but am pyet to obtain my official license because I was unable to reverse well during my in-road test. The achievement of the goal has been shifted to 2017.

Sending letters to offices, applying online and waiting for responses for an internship placement after school was an experience of a kind. Since I wanted to work within Accra and Tema to be able to help my dad during weekends on his poultry farm, I applied to about 20 organizations including banks, auditing firms, hospital and a few others. I had just one feedback from Odei Wontumi & Co. (a B-graded auditing firm in Ashaiman) telling me they do not accept people on internships. By God’s grace and recommendation of friend and brother, I was able to secure an internship placement at Alive Gas Services Limited in May and I’m continuing on as a National Service Personnel.

I planned to blog quite frequently this year. I started well but lost steam along the way, got back and lost more steam. You can see that my last blog prior to this was in June. I will certainly revise this goal and push myself to achieve it.

It’s funny how the Holy Spirit reminded of how He pushed me into attaining this goal. It’s been quite miraculous too. I was able to make 5 speaking engagements. They were not seminar or conference gatherings but I addressed gatherings on topics that I am very passionate about. My first engagement was at Ghafes VVU, where I served as President about 2 years earlier. It was during an Associate interaction with the current members of the fellowship. Fortunately or Unfortunately, I was the only associate to turn up and thus, I had the opportunity to use the whole one-hour allotted to all associates if we had come in our numbers. I talked about my life and God’s goodness upon my life and further shared some few tips about how to become relevant in your own small way in changing the world for Christ. My next 4 engagements were at my denomination’s weekly Youth Services. I taught on A Christian as A Brand, Power of Influence, Personal Branding and on the last Monday of November, Social Media 101. My mission in all these interactions was to make my audience aware of the fact that, though we are spiritual beings with Heaven as our ultimate goal, there is a need to be earthly relevant.

In building friendships and associations to impact and influence them for God’s glory, God initially laid 2 wonderful ladies on my heart (name withheld for security purposes),lol. It’s been an amazing turn of events in my relationship with them. I’ve had to adjust my expectations and respect people’s choices and values and learning how to work around them. It’s been a great learning process for me. It was quite humbling and a joy to receive a message from one of them, thanking me for helping her find her true self. I’ve met a couple good friendships within the course of the year. Some old friendships also graduated to the brother and sister stage, lol.

I’ve been unable to save, though I opened another bank account.

Though some pledges are yet to be redeemed, payment of tithes is going on steadily.

My bakery dream is on hold for a while. I considered quite a lot of factors to be able to defer this to 2017.

I’m yet to initiate the process of acquiring a passport though I feel I will soon travel out of Ghana for a while. Maybe to Nigeria for Nigerian


So now, what have you learnt or achieved this year?

(Feel free to comment on this blog and let me know what you think. Stay blessed)


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